“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.”
Andrew Murphy
If there is anything we as people are good, even great at, it’s building a wall. Maybe not the standard stick and mortar walls that give us shelter from the elements, I mean proverbial walls that we create to give shelter from the pain that life can bring.
The problem with those walls is the illusion of security they bring. Truth is, they do more to trap than to secure. And while you’re trapped those same hurts that bond the blocks of your wall together begin to consume you with a toxic outlook on life and the people around you.
Look, you will be hurt from time to time in this life. It’s a part of the refining process. Some hurts sting more than others, generally those are the ones that hit closest to the mark, those secret things we hold on to hoping to fool the people around us. Some hurts are just petty attempts by someone else trying to feel better about themselves by holding you down. It’s sad. The same physical walls that provide safety can become the mental walls that prevent life from being lived.
I’ve trapped a few animals in live cages. They never seem happy about it. In fact, they show signs of panic and aggression similar to people who have placed themselves in similar cages. The only difference is I trapped the animals to move them to a safer place where they might be able to live a long happy life away from the dangers of fast cars and city streets. Those people willing went into the cage to prevent others from coming in.
The animal desperately wants out. The human willingly hides inside, hoping the walls will protect them from the hurts that drove them to be trapped in the first place. But they brought the existing pains that haven’t been dealt with into the trap with them. They dwell on them from inside their confines, further trapping themselves in the illusion that they are safe. They trade happiness and joy for the false hope that life will never hurt them again.
It will. Life is filled with moments, some happy, some sad. You only experience the good in life if you’re willing to risk the pain of the bad. Locking yourself away won’t protect you from the pain, it confines you with no hope of overcoming the hurts that sent you inside the walls in the first place.
Choosing to avoid life because you might get hurt only avoids life, the pain is still there. Don’t allow the hurts of you past to prevent you from living the life you want and were meant to live.

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