The Lie of Tolerance

There is a terrible word floating around in our society: tolerance.

Now before you starting arguing that I am a bigot, hear me out. Tolerance is teaching people to accept everyone regardless of their differences. It inspires people to accept everyone by the method of keeping their opinion hidden. That changes nothing!

True change means we set aside our differences and respect our similarities. Find our common ground and build relationship from there. One person at a time….

The idea that a nation of 300 million plus suddenly will overcome years of wrongs done to any specific people group or perceived by any specific people group by simply tolerating each other? Ridiculous and asinine!

This will take the courageous among us actually standing up to intolerance. By the way, the opposite of intolerance is not tolerance, as the world would have you believe. Intolerance is motivated by fear. The opposite of fear is… LOVE. That is why, when someone courageous, like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., stands and says, “I have a dream today, that all God’s children could say free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty we are free at last!” that he is silenced by the hatred and fear of intolerant people.

King is one example of many who allowed courage to push them to make a stand for what is right. I am the color I am because I was born to parents who lacked pigmentation in their skin. You are the color you are because of the region of the world where your family originated. There are many reasons for this but the prevailing scientific explanation points to proximity to the equator and the amount of hair you have on your body.

Hair keeps you warmer in colder climates. Colder climates have less intense exposure to sunlight. Intense exposure to sunlight causes the human body to adapt through melanin, the element that adds color to the skin as a means of protection from sunlight.

We are all part of the human race. We all need to love, united against hatred and intolerance. We need to be willing to hear opposing viewpoints without judgement through the eyes of love, not the learned hatred that consumes so many. Tolerating something or someone only encourages me to lie, to myself, the individual in question, and the world around me. I want to appear to be a person of great acceptance so I tolerate all those who I disagree with publicly while inside I still harbor the secret hatred that causes judgement based on something so insignificant as a difference of opinion or skin color.

How do we overcome years of hatred? Not by glamorizing the problem for the profit of the mega rich media. Individuals stand on the commonality of all God’s creation. We truly seek to find common ground and build strong relationship individually from that position. Common ground is strong! It can hold against the weight of oppression, against the storms of extremism, and against the aggression of violent bigotry. We will not change everyone, but we must try. We must love blindly.

It is our humanity that is under attack by the extreme segments of our society. Will we stand back and watch as a few try to change the many, encouraging the whole to embrace ideology motivated by hatred? We are better than that. Love is greater than any force anyone can bring against you. Don’t match hatred for hatred. Two wrongs most definitely do not make a right. Stand on love. It is patient, kind, not boasting of self… completely the opposite of the ideologies the news is exacerbating through glamorization solely for their profit but completely at our expense. Stand for what is right. Stand for love.IMG_8007.JPG

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